We’re looking for BESEA individuals who have recently entered the performing arts industry (2018- 2020) and believe they would benefit from mentorship.

We want to provide mentorship that is specific to the performing arts; we also want to provide mentorship that is specific to the BESEA community. So we’ll pair you with an established BESEA creative practitioner in your field and introduce you to our networks.

Applications are currently closed. Please sign up to our mailing list for future opportunities.



What is this mentoring scheme?

This mentoring scheme exists to support new artists once you’ve taken your first few steps into the industry and ask “what next?”.  

You will be matched with the most suitable mentor in the field you request. These relationships are led by you and your mentor will be there to answer any questions you may have and provide advice related to your career, your business and the wider industry in general. 

Our 1-to-1 mentoring scheme offers support and guidance over an initial 6-month period. During this time, we hope you will feel supported by a fellow member of our community with tailored insight into working as a BESEA artist. It is an opportunity to become more aware of the opportunities that are available in your chosen field and beyond, as well as benefiting from tips and the cumulative expertise of your mentor. In these reciprocal relationships, we expect mentors will have a great deal to learn from you too!

An example of what you may want to discuss in 1-1 sessions: 

  • Plan your next steps into paid work 
  • Learn about the opportunities that exist within the industry 
  • Seek advice on continuing training and craft/ skill development  
  • Put together your Spotlight/CV/portfolio 
  • Seek advice on relationships with Agents 
  • Discuss approaching employers and casting directors 
  • Find out how to build your networks (& audiences)  
  • Develop self-marketing tools: effective use of social media, telling your story, showcasing work 
  • Build on personal skills: communication, resilience, empowerment 
  • Learn about your rights as a self-employed freelancer 


What is expected of mentees?

  • Mentees will receive a 90-minute training session from members of our team on 08 March 2021.
  • Contact time with mentor of 1 hour every fortnight for the first month and at least 1 hour a month thereafter (following mutual agreement between yourself and mentor).
  • Check in and out meetings with your Rising Waves contact.


Who can apply? 

This pilot mentorship scheme is open to age 18+ early entrants or new graduates into the performing arts industry of BESEA heritage within the past 3 years (2018-2020). It is open to those from a performance, creative or technical discipline. 


Who are the mentors? 

The mentors are artists who have worked in the industry professionally for at least 5 years and have backgrounds and experience from a wide range of disciplines. We will match you with the most appropriate mentor based on your needs, requests and personalities. 



Our aims

Distribute the wealth of knowledge and resources within our community to foster the culture of skill sharing. We will also be hosting panels and discussions to empower, educate and support both emerging and established members of our sector: connecting and building a supportive community of BESEA artists


How is the programme monitored and supported?

We have attended mentorship and leadership training by You Make It. We are supported by Arts Council England, an advisory committee, and performing arts institutions listed on our supporters page.